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4’o clock garden

Artificial Grass with Vertical Garden – No Mowing Required – Easy To Maintain
Dekorr by Aavana provides you with some of the best artificial grass & Vertical Garden for the floor and the walls. It adds some greenery to your surroundings and makes it look like you’re in a garden. The fun fact is you don’t need to water this garden. Makes it fun for elders to spend some time in the evening with a cup of tea and watching their children playing around.

Wood and Sheesham rush

High Quality Teak & Sheesham Wood Tiles For your Home
This is for all the forest enthusiasts, Dekorr by Aavana is here to provide you with some of the best Sheesham and Teak Wooden Tiles walls for your home sweet home. It adds a natural vibe to your house and makes it beautiful and aesthetic.


Sheesham and Teak wall Panels
For all you nature fanatics, Aavana has some of the greatest Sheesham and Teak walls for your home beloved home. It gives your home a natural feel and makes it more attractive. You can add some bushes or plants to them. This is best for your entrance or your living room.


Our artificial wall gardens are a great way to provide some additional life to commercial and retail spaces
Yes, this is beautiful isn’t it. How about having one for your house and making your entrance so appealing that everyone would wish to enter your house just to see the Vertical Design grass wall. It would also help you get some best clicks for your social media.


Vertical Garden for Your Terrace
Everyone loves flowers and gardens to be honest. Good to look at, good to smell and adds so much positivity around you, that just by looking at it you might feel “oh today is a self-love day, let’s appreciate nature and focus on myself”. Dekorr by Aavana thinks getting a Artificial Vertical garden for your house would be good for your house and you!


Artificial Vertical garden with Grass best option for your wall
Dekor by Aavana provides you with some really good concepts Vertical garden with grass for your entrance and living room. We also have some great colours with that, yellow, which optimises happiness and purple optimises bravery and wisdom. Adds a lot of elegance to your house and pleasing visuals for the viewers.

3…2…1… ACTION

WPC Wall Cladding for exterior & Interior use
We provide you with some of the best walls for your office, studios or bedrooms. This wall Cladding gives you a minimalistic and modern look. It also looks good on camera just like in real life.


WPC with Vertical Garden
It’s amazing what you can do with composite cladding! It is finally coming to life. Composite cladding/decking is a low-maintenance, cost-effective, eco-friendly way to have the beautiful clad you desire!!


One of our best-selling artificial vertical garden concept High-quality material UV protected Realistic look
These gorgeous faux Vertical wall mats may be used on drywall, concrete and wooden walls, among other surfaces. Our greenery panels offer you the illusion of a real plant without the hassle of caring for one. They don’t require any water and will look great all year.


Vertical Garden creates green walls that would be impossible to establish or maintain using living plants. We can install our garden foliage to any surface.
These artificial vertical green wall panels mimic the appearance of a living plant without maintenance. Our wall panels are water-resistant and will look great all year. This fake wall may be used to embellish our house walls, and it has a natural appearance. There is no need to maintain it. It’s easy to apply, remove, and reapply without causing harm or residue, and it looks like actual plants. Suitable for use in the house, garden, balcony, retail malls, showcases, hotels, and beauty salons, among other places. Perfect for indoor and outdoor greenery.


Artificial vertical garden is everywhere in your life. Let #Aavana Greens color your world..
These artificial Vertical gardens could be best for your rooftops, cafes, art showrooms and saloon. The fun part is you get some mesmerizing visuals which would attract people towards it. Perfect for a natural ambience.


Live up your walls with dekorr artificial vertical garden
DEKORR Artificial Vertical Garden looks real and lasts a long time. It gives your life more colour and vigour, and it puts you in a pleasant mood every day. PE Solid Structure Our artificial hedge Vertical garden Tiles are manufactured entirely of plastic and will last a long time. A combination of several green wall panels and complementary reinforcing zips may be readily put together.


We provide Vertical Gardens designs suitable to your environment.
We would provide you with some really good Potted Concept for your rooftop, banquets and even your swimming pools. Well, weekdays could be stressful we all need to chill during the weekend with a fresh dip in the pool and of course with a good view around.


You could get some of our best green wall panels for your walls and pillars to make your environment look more natural and aesthetic. And the best part about this panel is you don’t need to water them because they are artificial.


Artificial Grass wall decor using landscape turf along with putting green turf.
Wouldn’t a carpet with a complete, blended green hue appeal to you? With the Decor Grass, it’s now conceivable. There are three hues in this fake grass. Dekorr Grass is a beautiful, natural-looking fresh green. This is mixed with Emerald grass fibres measuring 25 mm. Artificial grass with a nice density and gentle texture. And you could even apply it on your wall for your house or farm house.


Are you looking forward to making a fresh ad brand new balcony by adding some grass and flowers on the wall? Yes, then this is the right place to get. We would provide you with some best artificial Vertcal Garden and plants which would add all the greens and beauty to your house.


Expandable Artificial Trellis Hedges.
  • 🏡 Perfect decoration of your house while protecting privacy.
  • 🏡 No maintenance
  • 🏡 No watering
  • 🏡 No trimming
  • 🏡 Easy to clean with water.


We have simple and stunning balcony wall decor ideas to help you make your own little patch of green heaven.
Wouldn’t a carpet with a rich, blended green hue appeal to you? The Decor Grass has now made it feasible. There are three different hues in this artificial grass. Decor Grass is a beautiful, natural-looking fresh green grass. This is paired with luscious Emerald grass fibres measuring 25 mm. Artificial grass with a good density and softness.


These lovely artificial Vertical tiles with Grass Comination look great on drywall, concrete, and wood walls, among other things. Our greenery panels give the appearance of a live plant without the trouble of maintaining one. They don’t need to be watered and look excellent all year.


These man-made vertical gardens are ideal for roofs, cafés, art galleries, and saloons. The exciting aspect is that you get some captivating graphics that will draw folks in. Ideal for a natural setting.


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